Pedicure & Manicure / Makeup / Brows

maximum care pedicure includes: foot soaking, nail clipping, shaping, filing and buffing, trimming cuticles and removing of callused skin, exfoliation, a ten minute foot massage, a foot mask and nail polish.

  • Women: 1h 15 min CHF 105
  • Men/ without nail polish 1h 15min CHF 95

Short foot care without foot mask and nail buffing

  • 1h CHF 85

Maximum care manicure:

  • 1h 15min CHF 95 including nail polish

Short maximum care manicure (without hand mask and nail buffing) 

  • 45 min CHF 65

Makeup and Makeup Consultation

In a facial treatment makeup application is included


  • Customized Makeup Consultation: find out which colors suit you, learn different makeup techniques, try them out, and receive a sketch with instructions to make sure you will be able to apply at home what you have learned here. CHF 150
  • Makeup workshop with your best friends 3h. per person CHF 75

Lash and Brow Tinting, also great for men with blond lashes

  • Lash and Brow Tinting, incl. shaping CHF 63
  • During Pedicure/Manicure CHF 44
  • Lash or Brow Tinting CHF 47
  • During Pedicure/Manicure CHF 26
  • Lash Tinting during a facial treatment CHF 11
  • Brow Tinting during a facial treatment CHF 11
  • Brow shaping CHF 29
  • Brow shaping while another treatment CHF 19

Gift ideas and vouchers

  • Treat your loved ones with one of our vouchers.
  • We will pay great attention to detail, placing the voucher in a beautiful decorative glass container.
  • Products are gift wrapped in our homemade beauty sachets.